Local Buy is proud to partner with ArcBlue to bring you this Capability and Training Program, which includes the following:

Knowledge Surveys

Unsure of your gaps or team’s needs?

Our online questionnaires assess individuals and teams against a range of procurement competencies.

Training Workshops

Facilitator led training, in person or virtual.
Our virtual training is designed to maximise the learning outcomes for online audiences, this engaging content is hosted via the Digital Academy.


eLearning offers a ‘right now’ approach to delivering cost-effective training.
Our suite of eLearning covers the end to end procurement and contract management lifecycle.

Local Buy

Local Buy is a leading service provider in a broad range of procurement, probity and contract services. Our specialised team have in-depth knowledge of the critical procurement pathways, together with a clear understanding of the evolving needs of public enterprises and their procurement practices as well as probity requirements.

Established in 2001 by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), our goal is to assist delivering value in reducing the risk, time and costs associated with procurement. Since our foundation, we have built a proud reputation for collaborating closely and effectively with a range of clients in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.


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